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Bringing the Vision to Life

Eddie and Mark Vannoy of Vannoy and Sons Construction Company in Jefferson, NC are the visionaries behind the development.  The two brothers were building condominiums and townhouses for the Elk River Club in Banner Elk, NC in the mid 1980’s and basically said to themselves “Let’s build our own course.”  Mark recalled, “We got the itch, especially Eddie.  He had the dream.” 

Over a two year period, several parcels of land were acquired including a produce farm know as Colvard Farms.  They began construction in the fall of 1988 and planted over 10,000 trees which is now an integral part of the community and the course. During construction, the Vannoy’s brought in the PGA Hall of Fame golfer Larry Nelson to fine tune the course based on his experience playing great courses around the world.  The course opened for play in the spring of 1990. 

Jefferson Landing is built on rolling pastoral terrain, and the design takes full advantage of the site’s natural beauty. The Vannoy’s desired a championship style course with four tee positions to accommodate different golf games and create an enjoyable yet challenging experience.

The Vannoy’s have partnered with a select group of JL members (JL 2010 Investors) to form JL Golf Management, LLC. This partnership is dedicated to the continued betterment of all facets of the Jefferson Landing Community. Jefferson Landing is now a debt free community and it’s the intention of all the investors to keep it that way.

More Information

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